Above the Law

I don’t think people who find things in the Old Testament and say, “looky here, that’s a sin” fully understand what it means to be Christian. What’s in the Old Testament is just a bunch old Jewish laws. Christians are now ‘above’ the law. Consider that Jesus Christ was completely without sin and yet he frequently and flagrantly broke many of the Old Testament laws. Sinning is not so much *what* you do but *why* you do it. Love God more than anything and love your neighbor at least as much as yourself. Do those two things and everything else is pretty much optional.

Personal Suffering

I believe we all suffer to some degree. What I’m beginning to realize is that faith does not necessarily minimize our pain but it does tend to minimize its personal importance.

Is Knowing Christ Essential?

I wonder sometimes if someone really has to know Christ to be a Christian. I mean, a bird doesn’t know aerodynamics yet he still seems to fly pretty well. Is someone who intuitively follows Jesus’ commandments without knowing them a ‘better Christian’ than someone who knows them yet doesn’t follow them?

A Failure to Communicate

I think that human language can no more accurately describe God’s interaction with his creation than frog language can accurately describe the complex interaction of quantum particles. We say God is infinite, perfect and eternal but how can any finite, imperfect, and temporal human can possibly understand what any of these things actually mean? The difference between a mere human being and God must be unimaginably greater than even the difference between a human and an amoeba. How can a human communicate effectively with an amoeba? How can an amoeba even begin to understand the mind of a human? We often ask “Why?” but even if God chose to explain certain mysteries to us, we would very doubtfully have the capacity to understand. I think it is better to trust in God’s obvious benevolence – Although it is true that we often “believe” things could somehow be better but we are usually pretty vague on the details. On the other hand, don’t we usually “know” beyond a doubt that things could be much worse in very specific ways? If we can acknowledge this simple fact with our extremely subjective and incredibly limited perspective, how much greater would God’s overall benevolence appear if we could begin to understand the bigger picture?

Secular Tactfulness

I understand some people wanting to be “tactful” but please don’t ever say that Jesus was a “great teacher” but *not* the “Son of God”. Jesus explicitly taught that He *was* the Son of God. If you believe this is *not* true then you must believe that Jesus was either: a) a liar; b) a madman; or c) a fool. Unfortunately, “great teacher” is not an option. To say this is, quite frankly, very condescending to those who believe.

Proven Miracles

No miracles can ever be scientifically proven – because whenever they are they immediately cease to be miracles and become scientific fact. When you stop and think about it, all of science is really just a succession of proven miracles.

God’s Will

God’s will is never wrong because God’s will is the very definition of what is right. Whenever I disagree with God’s will (as I often do) there is one thing for certain – I am wrong. How could God give me a greater sense of morality, justice or reason than He has Himself? My feeble protests seem terribly absurd when I think of it that way.

Why I Believe

Why I believe in God: I believe in God because I believe in evil. For evil to exist, there must be a relative standard of good. Evil is the absence of good just as darkness is the absence of light. That “Good” is God. I believe in God because I believe in imperfection. For imperfection to exist, there must be some comparative standard of absolute perfection that has not been met. That “Perfection” is God. I believe in God because I believe in falsehood. For falsehood to exist, there must be an absolute truth which is in irreconcilable conflict. That “Truth” is God. In short, I believe in God because I can clearly see the shady places where God displays less influence. And by His shadow I can plainly deduce His form.

Not Religious?

I hear people say all the time that they are not at all religious. I don’t believe a word of it. Religion is hardwired into our basic DNA. Some call it superstition. We all have it to some extent. What many persons do NOT have is *organized* religion. All belief systems are ultimately based on faith. If a person believes there exists an objective truth or an objective morality that is a ‘religious’ belief. If a person believes there is NO such thing as object truth or morality, that too, is a specific religious belief. I am religious. For years my religion was uniquely my own. Now, it is very heavily influenced by the Christian faith. I therefore call myself a Christian, though many of my more strange or esoteric beliefs are not necessarily supported by that religion. But my *core* beliefs are pretty much in line with Christianity. So now I consider myself a member of an *organized* religion. I always wanted to be organized. ;)


When you see someone in need, it is not so much “What Would Jesus Do?” as “What would *you* do if that were Jesus?” Because according to Jesus, it is. Matthew 25:31-46